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Shadow over a swoosh

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Absolute newbie here, though I've use PDN off and on for awhile now, with an absolute newbie question:

I've attached a swoosh I'm struggling with. I would like to make it somewhat 3D by adding a shadow to go above the bottom swoosh. However, I cannot come up with anything that looks good. Can anyone throw my some ideas?

Thanks in advance!



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Regarding reply #1... about drawing a grey or black line, how do I get it to follow the curve of the swoosh? I've tried adding a new layer, copying the swoosh into the new layer, changing the color to black, and then using the Feathering effect and the Gaussian blur effect separately. Neither effect results in something that actually looks like a shadow.

Regarding reply # 2... what is a "drop shadow"? A plug-in effect? If so, I've been trying to use a plug-in called "Shadow" with a result to the above effort.

I've attached a jpeg of my efforts (yuck) and the layered PDN file. There is obvious pixelation between the shadow and the swoosh below it. I've tried feathering the bottom swoosh, but it looks worse when I do that.


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I figured out that I was not working in layers when I was cutting using an ellipse, and I figured out that I needed to color the ellipse the same color of the background of the layer that I was cutting.

The area I'm talking about is the top 1/3 of the page, towards the bottom... the swoosh and the slant objects on top of the brown bar. I'm not thrilled about it design, but am stumped for something better to do.

I asked LionHearted via PM if he has any suggestions, and I'd welcome any others who might care to comment.




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Honestly you do not need any plugins to get this done.

1. First, as always, do not start on the default background layer. Either delete it (Ctrl-A, Delete) or make a new layer :AddNewLayer:.

2. Make your swoosh using the line tool :LineCurveTool: but right-click and drag the points to make it a Bezier curve. That way the two points will sort of "tug" on the line so that it will always look nice and smooth.

3. Use the paint bucket :PaintBucketTool: to fill the bottom portion of the image. Make sure to set the tolerance low enough to remove any line between the swoosh and the area you're filling.

4. Duplicate the layer :DuplicateLayer:, toggle visibility of the top one and select the lower one. Tinker with the brightness and contrast :BrightnessContrast: until it's a nice shade of gray/black. Use Gaussian blur :GaussianBlur: and then move the whole layer :MoveTool: up and to the left or right a little. Toggle visibility of the top layer again. Tada! Drop shadow without a silly little plugin!

Note that you might want to make the swoosh a little bigger than you want and then crop it at the end. This will allow you more freedom to place the layer containing the shadow.

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