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  1. Around May of 2006, the seniors of Methuen High took three goats into the school grounds. Indeed the prank was called the 'four' goats, this is because the goats were numbered. Goat one, two, and four. The goats were intentionally numbered in this way to cause havoc when the teachers and staff tried to find the missing goat number three. Goats one and two were set lose inside the school, while goat four was released in the sports field. The administration spent the entire day looking for goat 3. 7 reasons not to mess with children. A little girl was talking to her teacher about wha
  2. The frame delay. I made this in about 10 minutes. And this one.
  3. Couldnt quite do what you did, but I like mine better.
  4. So where do I put the new fonts for PdN?
  5. What folder do you put the ones that aren't "Effects" in?
  6. I messed up a little on the fire, so I made a sig with it!
  7. lmao Kindness skillz! Never heard of that. btw I joke a lot.
  8. I know how to use a forum. Please do not insult my intarwebz skilz...
  9. Hello I am thirdstreettito (Bradley)! I have been using PDN for about 1 month and see that MANY features arent there that people show in tutorial screenshots.
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