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Can I edit the language files in PDN by myself and how


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try this: viewtopic.php?f=14&t=601

and next time, smilie1.png

Thank you for ur replay.

I read the guide and knew its meaning.

There is a question here:Actually there is no need to translate all the menu.What I want to correct are parts of them.If I have to translate all and use "ResGen" to build a new langugage pack.It takes too much.Any method better?

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You can use resgen.exe in the original translation pack to convert a .resources file into .resx file for modification.

ResGen.exe PaintDotNet.Strings.3..resources Strings..resx

To decompile, after which you can easily modify the .resx file with any text editor and,

ResGen.exe /compile Strings..resx,PaintDotNet.Strings.3..resources

To compile it again which you can then use to replace the original.


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