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  1. I am on too. just finished parts of localization work for PDN.So tired,2:37am :shock:
  2. v3.20 Beta1 has been released and no new Chinese localization for the moment.Therefore,I tried to do something. How to use:unzip it to the directory of Paint.Net and overwrite the old PaintDotNet.Strings.3.ZH-CN.It would be better to have a backup.Enjoy it! Main Content: Correct the official translation mistakes in v3.10 final. "Erase Selection"-取消选区 "Deselect"-删除 to "Erase Selection"-删除选择区 "Deselect"-取消选择 in resize>by absolute size -决对尺寸 to 绝对尺寸 Some new SubMenus: Artistic Julia fractal Mandelbrot fractal Photo Stylize And so on... It's my first time to do this job.Actually I haven't finished all the work and I will perfect it gradually.2:13am now :x .So tired.... Welcome any advice from Chinese.Cooperation will be nice MSN:youthfire_wang@hotmail.com PaintDotNet.Strings.3.ZH-CN.7z
  3. you moved my thread and never told me how to do can I just translate parts of menu on the basis of existed file?
  4. Thank you for ur replay. I read the guide and knew its meaning. There is a question here:Actually there is no need to translate all the menu.What I want to correct are parts of them.If I have to translate all and use "ResGen" to build a new langugage pack.It takes too much.Any method better?
  5. I found there were lots of translation mistakes in Chinese edition.Can I correct them by myself?
  6. He is talking about Layer flip, I think...He wants to flip not the whole layer. yeah.the "selected part in layer" ,not the whole. Sorry about my poor English :oops:
  7. ok.correct my concept about Alpha.Thanks Bug report:translation mistake in v3.1 final edition -- Chinese language Suggest:The feature in "image" -flip vertical. Is there any chance to add a feature for layer's flip vertical not for the whole image?
  8. Features have to be added slowly. When you add them quickly without extensive testing in between, you get major bugs and deep-rooted problems that you can't diagnose. Paint.NET is advancing in features pretty quickly, considering its size compared to the number of programmers (one). Traditionally, 2.x, 3.x, etc. releases of a program are simply bug fixes and minor improvements; you usually don't see wide, sweeping changes or feature additions until an x.0 release. Rick is an excellent programmer, though, and bugs are very few and far between. (Oh, and one more thing: "Alpha" means it's not a final version. So does "Beta" and "Release Candidate." It doesn't mean it's a special version, just an unfinished version.) There is no doubt that Rick is an excellent programmer.My point is Alpha should be more like a creative editon. I mean Alpha - 2/3 new features and 1/3 fixed for old edition. Beta - 2/3 fixed for Alpha and 1/3 new further features RC - no features,just fix. And then final. If u just see few features in Alpha.I have to doubt the rate of progress.I can understand ur meaning and explanation. I love PDN and we both love it
  9. Rick,"fix" is absolutely right. But I have to say it will be better if u add some new functions as a Alpha edition.It improved too slowly actually.Thank you for ur hard work whatever.
  10. yeah,I totally agree with u I love this little program. Free for home users
  11. I followed and I got the sample pic.Thank you for ur guide.