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Text as Smoke?

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If anyone can come up with an effect or howto for making text look like smoke (think, smoke rings) I would be truly indebted to them. See, I run a blog named ToaCx4 (which stands for Thoughts of a Crazy, Constitutionally Conservative Christian) and is pronounced "toke times 4"... as such, I'd like to make a header image where I'm smoking a "cigarette" or "cigar" and exhale, "ToaC - ToaC - ToaC - ToaC". But I need your help. I can't do it. I've invested about 20 hours trying this on my own so far and all of the results have been something I would be no less than embarrassed to display. Please rescue me. Please!



I may not be "the best," but I'm PRETTY DARN GOOD!

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I am helping another user stiching 10 images together now,

So I will give you quick hints.

Text on one layer. Blur it. but still able to read the letters.

Clouds on another layer.

Try the layer blending modes with text layer.


If not, I will try again later.


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Unless, I'm making poor use of the hints (which is always possible... LIKELY even) that doesn't work AT ALL. It does however, provide a different effect that I could probably make use of if we don't get this to work. This gave me a cool back up plan...

Me "smoking" with a "cloud" of smoke behind me, with ToaC Toac Toac Toac merely floating, bend out to the right of my head.

Not what I want, but it could work... may even work better than what I envisioned.

I may not be "the best," but I'm PRETTY DARN GOOD!

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