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  1. The bunny is freakin' amazing! How in the heck do you guys do this stuff? Gee whiz!
  2. would love to see an animated png of the froggy rather than gif... stupid jaggies! stupid gif! stupid other stuff that I feel like identifying as stupid!
  3. The turtle, penguin, and night sky all look wonderful Helen. As always, I am truly humbled by your work. You people are so good that I'd leave this forum with my tail tucked between my legs if I didn't like to simply come here and stare in awe. Tremendous!
  4. I've pretty much stuck to mainly editing images and photos that already exist, unless it was an abstract creation. Today, I created my first piece of work from scratch -- The Googleville Slugger. And while it's not all that great, I don't think it's lousy either. I'm reasonably pleased with the result. Let me know what you think.
  5. It's pretty good. You might want to add your name to the thread title so that if anyone uses the "search" functionality to find your gallery it can be located more easily.
  6. Amy opinions or (better yet) pointers with regards to my latest additions?
  7. I thought I would throw my own hat into the race! -Edit: Changed linked image to jpg... png was simply too large.
  8. Your post is making me think that it's time to get some tattoos of my favorite 8-bit video game characters, pixel art style.
  9. It looks like there is definitely some interest for this in our own community... and really WE aren't my target market, so that's a good sign -- but I'm not getting much to be optimistic about in terms of functionality. Market? Yes. Technically possible? Not sure. I guess I'll start scouting through all of the available plugins and see if I can't find the technical solution somewhere within.
  10. Added another one... the source of this art... my pain.
  11. Yes... for example. The "etc" part encompasses much more, but that is the idea -- in general.
  12. How about PARTIAL correction. I'm not looking to sell bundles of images... I'm looking at selling "starter images" (templates, base images, whatever) that they can EASILY manipulate and modify (without needing to be a designer or understand PDN) to meet their needs. Thus giving them the APPEARANCE of having "custom" images. So, if I understand your thinking of my thinking (wrap your head around that one), I'll give you partial credit.
  13. Most free web templates i've seen don't allow redistribution, let alone commercial derivatives. MOST don't, but I already have a collection that do. I have a collection of PLR templates and scripts for PhotoShop. Even still, I wouldn't want the product to be full of other stuff anyway. I would definitely want ORIGINAL content. I was just saying that would make things EASIER not that it was my answer.
  14. Which isn't a huge problem if... (and I don't know much about this plugin... please point me to it) I can get distribution rights or even if you can actually simply save your PDN with the text you want, having that plugin. Then I send you the PDN, you dont' have the plugin, but you download the plugin... and THEN you can edit that text. That would work fine. It would work because most who would buy this product won't have PDN anyway. We're going to have to tell them... here go download THIS program and THESE plugins. Now that you have this stuff installed, you can use our templates. Ideally, it works best if I'm allowed to distribute PDN (by any means) and the required plugins, but even if I can't... simply directing people to the downloads and how to install them is ALMOST (used loosely) as good. In fact, the successful PhotoShop products tell you to go buy (how and where) PS if you don't already own it. No reason I can't tell them to nab a free download or three if these guys can tell them to shell out hundreds instead.
  15. I'm aware... that won't do much for this idea, I don't believe. It could potentially help, but it doesn't quite answer the riddle. Am I right that your plan was to create web templates using the PDN format rather than PSD? If so, wouldn't the plugin render the idea invalid as people could simply import the file and edit it using PDN? Not quite. As I said, being able to open PSD files could potentially help, but it doesn't provide the full answer. And if you could, that wouldn't render my idea invalid... it would actually just make it EASIER to accomplish as I could "mooch" off of plenty already existing free PSD templates and repurpose them. Yet the problem is... while PSD and PDN files save multiple layers which you can modify, they don't (to my knowledge) contain fonts, font affects/styles, shadows, etc. All of those things (filters and what have you) that you need to do to your text/image objects to manipulate them is what we're after. We're looking for a way to automate using these filters to create desired affects.
  16. I'm aware... that won't do much for this idea, I don't believe. It could potentially help, but it doesn't quite answer the riddle. I wouldn't say basically... I'd say "kinda." Don't think web templates... think button, banner, font style, etc. templates. The general idea is that anyone can easily modify the "templates" without being a graphic designer. Font stylings and affects are already pre-made (they just type what they want it to say), shapes are pre-made, etc... they simply choose the colors and words they want, perhaps import their company logo... and every other component of the banner/button is complete. More work than I want it to be... definitely. Because I'd like for it to be NO work. But more work than I expect it to be? I don't think so, especially since I said (if you read closely) that I'm not entirely sure that this can be accomplished with PDN at all. At least not currently. This doesn't change the price of PDN... this merely makes PDN easier to use (if it can be done) and opens it up to an audience that may have never downloaded it otherwise. The goal isn't to compete with PhotoShop. The goal is to provide PDN users with "templates" that do similar things to templates/scripts that exist for PhotoShop users. I'm not looking to put a price tag on Paint.NET... I'm looking to profit from making Paint.NET "powerful" in the hands of complete novices and newbies. To give them a tool that allows them to create professional looking buttons, banners, fonts, etc. without spending $20 to $100 an hour for a graphic designer. This isn't much different than (maybe no different at all) those who sell manuals and books teaching people how to switch from Microsoft Office to OpenOffice.org. Their offering doesn't put a price tag on OpenOffice.org... it puts a price tag on a service provided to them... namely education on using the free product. Thanks! If I don't find anyone interested in helping me, I'm going to do my best to research if this is a viable option or not. If it is, I'll bring it to market on my own. The development time will just be lengthened considerably. ============== To all the readers of this thread who are intrigued by the concept, but don't "quite" get IT... let me assure you that it will make a little more sense when I show to you the products/types of product offerings I aim to compete with. You will then have a better understanding of what I hope to accomplish. I'm just a little apprehensive in sharing those products here as I don't want my idea to be stolen by an anonymous leecher. If you're interested and send me a private message, I'll reveal said products/links.
  17. He's welcomed to reply if he's interested, but I'm opening this up to the community for a couple of reasons. 1. I'm willing to take on more than 1 partner. 2. I'm looking for volunteers; I'm NOT looking to solicit anyone's help or twist anyone's arm.
  18. Well, the first thing someone would have to do is know more about PDN than I do. I bring to the table marketing expertise and web design skills... they are the "PDN Expert" as I'm (very much admittedly) not! The first thing they would need to do is evaluate some of the PhotoShop "template" and "script" products I know about that sell pretty well and tell me if we can make a competing product/s using the free, light and open source PDN. In truth, I think this is a great idea with awesome income potential... IF... it can be pulled off. I'm not entirely sure that it can, but I'm hoping someone comes along and corrects me. So step 1... evaluate the offerings of the PhotoShop products I know of. Step 2... devise a way to "duplicate" the offering using Paint.NET Step 3... we work on it concurrently (I'm not a graphics pro... but I can probably accomplish most of what could be done with templating... assuming the actual templating is possible. Step 4... Give the product away for free to some forum members here in exchange for feedback. Step 5... Make updates based on feedback. Step 6... Provide our same beta testers with a free copy of the updated offering and ask for testimonials. Step 7... Market the sucker!
  19. Wow Helen... not only are you really good, but you keep getting better and better. New rule, you're not allowed to complement me any more! You are good.
  20. Guys, I've been dabbling in internet marketing for awhile now, and am an accomplished web designer. I have made decent cash selling information products, and am starting to branch out. I will probably be doing well enough to work from home full-time by year's end. What I'm curious about is to whether anyone who knows PDN better than I (I'm learning all the time, but I have a long ways to go), is interested in giving me a hand and making some cash in the process. See, there are several products where people are offering PhotoShop "templates" so that webmasters can create their own graphics packs (banners, buttons, etc.)... and some of them do look really nice. In fact, I've purchased a couple of them. The thing is, in order for a person to use these products, they must already own a copy of the very expensive PhotoShop. I'm thinking that we could not only bring more people to PDN, if we could show that this stuff can be done using Paint.NET, but that it could really open us up to a special niche of clients who can't afford high-priced software like PhotoShop. The only thing is... I'm really not sure that this stuff can be duplicated (easily enough to create a "product" with, anyway) in Paint.NET. I'm hoping someone here can prove me wrong, and also has the drive to make a little cash from our graphics hobby. Let me know!
  21. If you're just starting out and are already this good, you're making me feel really badly. Good stuff!
  22. Thanks Helen. I'm trying my best not to go making anything too complex until I feel up to the challenger. So, we'll stay basic and GRADUALLY turn up the difficulty.
  23. Thanks... what do you think of the new 3rd one I just added?
  24. In this thread I'm going to post the images of all of the Twitter backgrounds that I create using PDN. Please go easy on me, I don't profess to being a graphic designer like many of you. The work I see here is amazing! I am VERY MUCH an amateur, and not even a good one, at that. So, I don't expect praise (Not worthy of any to begin with), but please don't drop too many hot coals on me either. I'm doing the best I can. Most Recent Update/s: Googleville Slugger -- First non-abstract piece that I created from scratch. My first two... From MY Twitter Profile My Friend MikeF1182's Profile I plan to make a few more for some other pals... assuming they actually want them. I hope to get better and better as I go. Truth be told, I decided to start doing this for the purpose of improving my skills with PDN. *fingers crossed* =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Additions Since Originals =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= My Friend Susan Helander's Profile =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Images without Thumbnails... a.k.a. images other than Twitter backgrounds =-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-=-= Pleasantville Amanda Hidden Content: This one is very bittersweet for me. This is my bride on our wedding day. The reason it's bittersweet is we're currently going through a divorce I have wanted no part of, and have fought the last 14 months against. She and her family picked up the rest of her stuff Sunday after church. So, I made this today -- looking back through our wedding album. This is the best my shaky hand and teary eyes could accomplish. Presidential JaceMan Hidden Content: Abstractly Orange Hidden Content: Floyd Meets Garcia Hidden Content: Googleville Slugger Hidden Content: Here's a "baseball bat" emblazoned with the logo of a new product I plan to launch soon.
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