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making black 'blacker'?

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hey guys, i have an image that needs the colors to be more intesnfied/richer

I have adjusted contrast, but that just makes the image just plain old dark and the design is hard to see

any suggestions?


Hey hey hey, what can I say?


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I'm no pro,

Use the how to cut out images tut 9i'll give oyu link in a bit) and select the inside of the car. Crate a new layer and put it to the bottom. Select the inside of the car again go to the bottom layer and fill it with black. Go to the actual car layer and lower the opacity. Now sure how else to do it, I'll try to find other ways.


Is this good or too dark in some spots?


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The best way I've found is to go into Adjustments > Levels and change all the numbers on the left that say 255 down to 245. See if that helps.


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th_richer.jpgCheck it!

It's a combination of Curves + (Luminosity channel), Brightness / Contrast (both sliders up about 15), and Hue / Saturation (makes the colors stand out more).

Did I properly understand your desired result?

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aww shucks i typed such a long post and all of it got erased :(

anyways, here is what im trying to help out in. he asked:

''Primarily, I just want blacks to actually be black - not gray. The pics I end up with always look so washed out. Basically, make them nice and crisp with appropriate contrast and enhanced sharpness like your photos if you can''

thanks so much guys

what i tried


Hey hey hey, what can I say?


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If you just want black to be deeper then Adjustments>Levels is all you need.

Try "Auto" button first. If the result is too wild then click Reset and lift Input black point to 10-15 (black goes darker). Then lift Output middle point to ~0.8 (midtones go brighter).

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