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Can Paint.Net Handle Channels?

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This would be extremely helpful to know. Channels are different than layers. Channels are the picture of each of the color coordiantes RGB (red, green, blue). Does Paint.Net make it available to edit individual channels. If so please tell me how. I use this to create 3D UV textures for 3D Programs. If this is not a default feature in Paint Dot Net, i hope someone would be generous enough to make a plugin. This would be very helpful.

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There are workarounds, though. You can separate the channels into separate layers via Curves or Curves+. Just duplicate the image 3 times, then for each one flatline the 2 channels you don't want for each layer.


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^^Yes. I would use Curves+.

Duplicate the image two times, so that you have three identical layers. One will be your Red layer, another your green layer, and blue.

Open Curves+, and go to the Advanced setting in the drop-down menu. Then select whatever color you would like to take out of the layer as the 'In' setting, and select Alpha as your 'Out' setting. Repeat, repeat, etc. :)

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