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An added feature request for the PDN forum (map location)

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i dont know if the overflow is the correct place for this, but it still is connected to PDN (forum) so ill post it here anyway:

I saw this map thing @Ash's google page and i think it looks cool as an added feature in the PDN forum.

See it in action @ Ash's google page: his google page

Their mainpage: maploco

the codes are already provided (i dont know if you [Rick] still need to change anything for it to be applied to this forum), so i think it would be easy to add. :) :)

i just thought it would be fun to see the location of the people who are currently online + the guests who are viewing the forum as well. :)

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^Let me expand on uHs point:

The map thing is a fun "toy", if you will. Although I use it, and so does some other forums, I'm not running a professional program. Do you see how this is sort of an oxymoron when placed together?

The only want to do it would be to have HTML turned on in the forums, and post a thread with the map in it, which I have no idea of Ricks standpoint on having HTML turned on.

Although HTML would be nice.

No offense intended.

"Only two things are infinite, the universe and human stupidity, and I'm not sure about the former"

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yes, i do get your point Yata.. i just thought that it would be cool to have something like that. im not saying that it should be added, im just saying that it could.. you know, if possible...to have one.. here...would be..cool. :? :)

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