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Layer Mask?

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I was wondering does Paint.net have a layermask or equivalent?

I'm trying to do this photoshop airbrush-a-person in Paint.net:

http://www.tutorialdash.com/tutorial/ad ... h-A-Person

At the moment I've been somewhat 'hacking it' by adding another layer that is all black, setting it to multiply and drawing white into it to get the bits out that I want, and then copying it, inverting it, and then using that to get the layers all together. It's way too hard that way.

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Yata: Thanks for the plug in link but that wasn't really what I was looking for.

What I'm trying to do is have a way to blend two layers together, according to where I draw. (Basically a mask to say whether I get infromation from layer A or layer B, depending on what I draw inside the mask - where the mask is effectivley another layer)

Ash: That looks pretty good, how did you manage to do the 6th step with paint.net?

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With a bit more color adjustments, this should look close enough to the photoshop one.

PS version:


2nd try:


1st try:


Select the skin parts

Use surface blur from


Select eyes, use color filter to adjust colors.

Use clone stamp to clean up whatever is left.

Hope this helps. 8)

Let me know.


All creations Ash + Paint.NET [ Googlepage | deviantArt | Club PDN | PDN Fan ]

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