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Plugin request: large range circular transparent gradient

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I was designing a picture which was circular and in the end i wanted it to be opaque in the middle and only at the edge would it start degrading to transparent. This is when i realised that the current circular gradient (transparent) only made the centre opaque and started degrading way too early.

Can anyone with plugin-making knowledge inven a plugin where you coul choose the diameter of the circle and then it would make the outside part slowly make itself to transparent

Ijust realised myexplaination is complicaed so i you need more detais jut reply post

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Use :EllipseSelectTool: to select the area you wanna keep unchanged,

Invert selection

Use :RadialGradient: :AlphaChannel: on the now selected outter rim.

If you need pic, I will post 8)

yes i tried the but there was a too big difference of color between the area i wante to kep and the oute rim :?

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