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  1. Problem solved. I removed all versions of the .net framework except v 1.1. I downloaded v. 2.0 and 3.0 and installed them in that order. I neednt uninstall paint.net and when i launched my previously installed paint.net it worked. so thank you Hitman x and pyrochild for taking your time to help me. cheers
  2. My final decision is to remove all the . net frameworks from my computer using the clean up utility. then i want to re install them from the downloads from microsoft in order. good or bad idea?
  3. by the way paint.net does not even figure in any of the two program lists (add/remove and clean-up)
  4. I'm running a windows xp SP2 home ed. version 2002. I'm currently trying to repair the .NET framework 3.0 which was already installed but started to go wrong. I'm unable to perform any installation or uninstallation concerning either the .net frmework or paint.net itself. the only thing i could do is delete the files manually but i know that no computer likes that to be done. The windows installer clean-up utility says it is successfull yet all the files concerning paint . net are still there.
  5. Does it teach you that? Anyway, CodeLab is C# - not C++. Point taken . and yes now that i look at the tutorials thay only speak of C# anyway what i do know, even though i am a proved rookie or amateur is that c++ and c# are like brother and sister aren't they?
  6. ok now i keep getting error over error. i did what you said (i like pi) and it said some file was missing and i should dawnload the pack again, which is what i did. second attempt to repair, it said some error occurred for more infor mation to troubleshoot got to the web pege etc. for error info see error log. what on earth is happening???
  7. By the way, that book won't teach you how to write plugins - as it uses Liberty BASIC. It is a great language for beginners - but even writing a simple paint program in it can be a nightmare. Actually it teaches you all the basics for c++ liberty basic and revolution. If you want to specialise even further in c++ try a different book but hey in the codelab tutorials you only need the basics
  8. ok well thanks guys i didn't expect that many replies that fast and i guess i'll try the gimp out then. thank you all
  9. Hi, I've been using paint.net for over a year now and am getting better each time I use it. Here's the thing. a Friend of mine asked me to do her a favor (a pic modification of some sort). Anyway i went to her house and she had a mac so when i wanted to install pdn there, tough luck, pdn only works on pc. I searched for an image editing program for mac but i found nothing. Does Anyone know an image editor for mac? - by the way i don't wan't to be advertising here i'm just asking so don't take this the wrong way
  10. Well i'm sorry and i hope you've eaten by now but would it be possible for you to tell me how?
  11. Well i'm reading a book which is generally about all the programming languages. It's the beginning programming for dummies. A very helpful book indeed. see http://www.dummies.com/WileyCDA/DummiesTitle/Beginning-Programming-For-Dummies-4th-Edition.productCd-0470088702,subcat-PROGRAMMING.html
  12. Hi, ok here's the deal: I've got a major problem. Each time i launch paint.net, the error report message appears almost immediately. I've tried several times to reboot my computer and trying again but it won't work. I then tried to install the newest version. Each time I launched the setup file I downloaded off the official Paint.net page after a few seconds when the initializing installation bar gets to the 1/4 of it, the error report message comes on again. I've also tried to remove paint.net several different ways, none of which have worked. I used the add/remove tool from the copntrol panel, the windows installer clean up utility and neither of them were successful. Help!
  13. At last i have found it! My saviour! i've always ben meaning to try to write my own plugin though now that i've seen this it confuses me a little . if You say we need a little knowledge of C#, could someone please give me a link or something which explains how C# works? For instance I don't understand why at the end of each line you go further and further and open (or close) a "{}" Please help
  14. YES! It works!! Iknow the rule is no shouting but still i am so relieved Now i have installed the new version and it works!! Ididnt even have to chenge either my dpi setting or my resolution setting!! Thenk You Again
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