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Layers not working...?

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I've been using Paint.net for a while now (I have version 3.01). However, the first time I tried to update to version 3.08 it freaked out and couldn't complete it.

My version 3.01 was still fine after that, though.

However, I tried a second time to download version 3.08 and once again it didn't work. =/ But this time it messed up my Paint.net version 3.01 somehow.

My layers won't work at all. When I created a new layer and set it to "additive" and "darken" (the only two settings I usually use) and then used the paintbrush on that layer, nothing showed up. I then set it to every single different layer type and it STILL didn't work. :( I tried exiting the program an reopening it, but it did nothing.

This is really a big deal because the layering was the one tool I really needed in PDN.

Any help would be greatly appreciated! :]

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I downloaded it via H>Updates. Both times I attempted to download v. 3.08 I did it through the pop-up that told me that I could update PDN.

I can't exactly remember which installation error it was, though I know that I've seen it on these forums before.

I'll attempt one more time to upgrade to v. 3.08 and see what exactly it says.

However, even if I can't update PDN itself, I really need some help with the layering problem.

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