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How to touch up photo, and make it look glamourous!

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I am a user of photoshop, well I was until yesterday, when my computer finally crashed because of the space photoshop used. I am glad I found paint.net. I see some similarities. Give this program another year, It's going to be the bext best thing!

I was wondering does anyone know how to touch up a photo using paint.net? I know how to air brush by using the gaussian blur. But how to I make my nose look smaller, or touch up places on my face where my bumps are noticable?

What tools would I have to use? I want to use my own skin color to touch up the spots on my face.

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I want to use my own skin color to touch up the spots on my face.

You might consider the Clone Stamp tool:


Consult the online help, it's really well done and each tool or functionality is explained by the guy who wrote it himself.

You can easily access it by hiting Help > :Help: Help Topics.

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Thank you, I was on this forum for three hours, and haven't seen that topic. I appreciate it, but I have another question. It doesn't explain it I can make things smaller or bigger. What I'm trying to do is similar to photoshop's liquify effect. It makes things smaller on ur face or anywhere where u need it.

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