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Plugin request: halftone (past requests are linked inside)

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I am aware this has been questioned before but it has never been officially requested.

From the below threads/posts it is clear it would be a popular plugin:

Pixalation - specifically BB's post and the last post...

BB's post on his LiteBright effect

As I know nothing of coding, and because of exams have no time at the moment of learning, both others and myself would see a use in a halftone plugin and without sounding too direct or rude I am putting forward a request for one.


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For the fact it's been three days and no replies, it kinda gives it's own opinion so if a moderator (or Rick for that matter) would delete this topic I don't mind. After all it isn't giving any information or advice so I doubt it would be missed or yearned for.

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You've got the answer already on your first link!

This can't currently be done in PdN...it would be nice though!

On the contrary, it can! Thanks to fabulous Ed. :)

EdHarvey Effects

True, it is not quite the same definition or quality as newspapers use, but it is halftone!

Now provide some pictures (before/after) to illustrate your need!

Are you looking for something like this:

(for before --> to after)


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Helio, Halftone is a broad term. The halftone provided with Ed's effects is not the same thing.

Ed's is the wrong type of halftone, something more like the pictures in this wiki, this black and white or something along the lines of this.

Like newspaper print or comic print. Is this something that can be done for a plugin?

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