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Shape(ray, arrow, circle, etc) plugin using math random

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Well, here's my first plugin. It's pretty clunky (an alpha), but here it is:



It uses machine randoms to add "tv snow" effect to the shapes. I used the 2005 PLUGIN TEMPLATE(switch out the 3.05 dll's). I also used an early BoltBait example mimicked directly his methods of TOKEN passing. Also, used his clipping, mypen, and anti-alias methods. You can click on certain labels to adjust certain fields. I don't really know what I'm doing.

The rays function function as vectors with magnitude for the length. As a shape thingy, i added the 'e' to the name to keep ya from having to scroll, as this dumps ya back out everytime(I don't know how to fix). A problem I have with C# is communicating between .CS files and the Forms. I can't get anything from the Render routine back to the FORM routine(messing up another few ideas i have), and for everything else going i use tons of token passing variables(very messy). Any help would be much appreciated. I didn't post the code yet cause it's pretty bad(a lot of cosmological constants in it).

I almost got it......well maybe not :P

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This is great. I found another link to it that was broken. It was so good to find this one still works.

It probably does a lot more than I need at the moment. The zigzag function is what I was looking for. Thank you.

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