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Making part of an image transparent

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Apologies if this has been answered before but I am new to this and I can't seem to manage it.


I wish to print an image onto gold foil with parts of the image set to transparent so that the gold shows through. The file is a png.I have coloured the areas red that I wish to make transparent. But setting the transparency to zero and using paint pot nothing happens.


I have uploaded the file here as a jpeg as the png is too big.


Thank you


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Use the Magic Wand :MagicWandTool: to select the red areas.

Tip: You can chain multiple areas into one larger selection by holding down the Ctrl key.

When you have the red areas selected, press the Delete key to remove the colored pixels leaving transparency. In paint.net transparent areas are given a gray & white checker pattern to indicate 'there is nothing here' (the checkerboard pattern won't show up in your images).

In order to retain the transparent areas you will need to save the image in a format which supports transparency. PNG format does, JPG doesn't.

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