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How do I edit pixels across all layers?

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Hi 9Edits, welcome to the forum :D

Once you have the selection copied,activate each layer in turn (click on it in the Layers Window), pressing Ctrl + V to paste the copied selection into each layer.

Or, copy the selection into a new layer (Ctrl + Shift + V) then duplicate the layer as many times as needed.

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Suppose I copy , lets say a white blank space onto one layer. How do I get it to go at the same location across all other layers?


(this is for gif editing btw)


Assuming you are editing an animated gif and using midora's animated images plugin:


1) Just create a blank layer on above all layers and copy your image into that layer, then position it as desired. 

2) Double-Click on that layer to bring up layer properties. Add "// foreground" (without quotes) to the layer name.

3) Export as animated.gif.


That image will show up in all layers in the same location.


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I don't know a way to automate this for selected frames in PDN, perhaps madora can help here....


Alternatively you can add a blank layer above one of the frames, add and position your image/tittle. Then duplicate that layer 20 times, position one copy over each desired frame and merge down. Export as animated.gif.

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