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Border around selection

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I have this image which I am trying to put a thin border around the image so we can do a dark backdrop/transparent onto a dark webpage. It also has Dark green letters that I need to have a border on the exterior of all the letters and interior, please note some of the text is curved, not sure if this would make a difference. Is this possible? I keep searching, however every tutorial I am finding is to put a border around a whole image, I want my border to curve with the object. Any suggestions are greatly appreciated. Great app btw. Works well with Windows 10, which GIMP does not.



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I am not sure if I understad but I think you need to do this:


1. Make your image transparent: You can use the magic wand to select the areas of the image you want to be transparent and press delete. (Since your text is not clear to me I made the entire image transparent using "Brightness/Darkness to Alpha" effect)

2. Add a new layer and type your text: I used the the "Circle Text" effect to type the word CURVED.

3. I applied the "Outline Object" effect to each layer.



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Do you mean something like this?


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Thank you both! Eli nailed it, it's a big pain in the butt, but it's coming together, I guess I'll have to tediously run white border around everything with a black backdrop. I'll post the final when my boss chooses a font, lol.Thank you Ego, unfortunately, those were the only tutorials I was able to find. Back to many hours grilling this moniter. :D

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