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Playing Cards Tut/Help

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Hey guys, long time lurker first time poster!


A few friends and I have come together to make a card game and I have drawn the graphic-y straw!  We're trying to make something akin to Legend of the 5 Rings or Netrunner, not something like Poker or anything with playing cards. We've got a set amount of information to place on our cards and we wanted them to have a unique design to them. There are loads of programs that let you copy Magic the Gathering or Legend of the 5 Rings cards but we wanted to do something different.


All I am asking is just more of a push in the right direction from you more wizened folks. I have no idea how to approach this really. I have some chops in graphic design but still no understanding of how to go about designing the layout of the card and making it into a finished product.

This isn't going to be a commercial thing just a private project for the few of us involved.

Thank you for helping me if you can, I will post any information you guys need that I might have left out. I apologize I am a bit excited about doing this thing.

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You picked the best part, working with graphics  :) .


You need to create a template using multiple layers. You would have to include a layer for every element for example text (so you can easily change it), one for the banner, one for the background hero,  one for the frames sorrounding the background hero,  one for the card numbers, etc... Also, make sure you give a name to each layer. Once you have the skeleton of your card save it and make it read only so you can reuse this template.  Good luck. It can be a long project depending on the number of cards created. 

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Hi Hippie and Welcome to the forum :) .


Although you say you are not interested in playing cards per se, this tutorial may aid you in the use of layers, etc.

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How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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Thank you guuuuuys!
I went through the tutorial and it definitely helped.


I actually found that drawing all my ideas on paper helped a bunch and when I came up with my idea I used some ideas I got from the tutorial to make a template of sorts so I can make a bunch and have them look the same. I think that was your idea Eli.

I appreciate how helpful you guys are. Thank you so much.

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