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Selecting same area on different images

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I would like to know how to select the same area in every image. I have a pile of images that have content in the same area that I would like to copy and paste into a new image. Is there a way of repeat the selection process in the same area for each image?




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Okay.. lets say that I want to make a very tall image of all my past ebay purchases. The list will always be in the center of the screen snapshot and I only want the same section of the screen so I can copy and drag it to the bottom of my project. I put two screen shots on one image, along with the addition of the copy. But how can I repeat the selection action the same every time?


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The way I do it is to make a selection, create a new layer, and fill the selected area with a solid color. Use the Magic Wand tool on the filled area to get the selection. Switch layers and do whatever you want with the selected area.


Paint.NET has no native way of handling this that I know of.

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To copy the selection boundaries, you can just copy the selection from the first image, paste as a new layer into the second image, then immediately delete the new layer. The selection will remain on the original layer of the second image.

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