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I just want to ask if it's possible you can get a custom brush that does the same thing as "line fidelity" in adobe illustrator, and also if there's a custom brush that works like the charcoal brush in illustrator. (I believe it's a default one - basically it makes lines look hand drawn.)


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I have a very old free version of DeepPaint v2.0 That was very nice brushes, even 3-D brushes. If you install it in Win 8.1, you need to run it in XP SP3 compatibility mode for it to function correctly.




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If 'line fidelity' means that you like to avoid jitter then something like this is not available. Mostly because paint.net is a pixel editor and not a vector editor like InkScape or Illustrator.


Typically a vector editor translates a freehand line to a vector path and you can adjust how exact the vector path matches the line (so you control the amount of control points). The math to do this is a bit tricky.

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