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open exr and .hdr file support

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i'd really like to move to paint.net but i especially need a .8bf plugin for .exr and hdr tonemapping


ArionFX for Photoshop


i got it allready loading with PSFilterPdn, but as paint.net doesnt open .exr its useless...


it would be really cool if you could add .exr und .hdr file support, or maype it is allready on your roadmap


thanks in advance and best regards


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EXR images are 16 bits-per-channel (64 bits-per-pixel for RGB with alpha), Paint.NET only supports 8 bits-per-channel (32 bits-per-pixel for RGB with alpha).


From the Popular Feature Requests:



CMYK support, or 16-bits per pixel support -- Not gonna happen. If you really need good software for working with images for printing, or need to work at a professional level, then I must honestly point you towards Adobe Photoshop.

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Plugin Pack | PSFilterPdn | Content Aware Fill | G'MICPaint Shop Pro Filetype | RAW Filetype | WebP Filetype

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In the mean time 10bpp monitors are becoming affordable. There are already some free HDR tools around.

How fixed is this statement? What if in a few years everything is 10-bits per pixel? Still going to stick to "Not going to happen?"

I mean, the original statement seems 12 years old. Time change.

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