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See the value of the pixel under the mouse

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Hi, have just started using Paint.NET v4.0.3. So far so good. If I select the Colour Picker tool, and run my mouse over the image, is there any way to switch on what is the RGB (if colour) or greyscale (if 8-bit) value of the pixel underneath the cursor? Currently you have to click the pixel and then faff around in the Colour dialog.


Just seeing the value of the pixel that is currently under the cursor (and would be selected if you clicked) would be a fantastic option. Its something that PaintShop Pro 7/8 used to do.




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Greetings to anyone who has this same question. I've found the answer - it can be done!

* In the "Colors" box press "More >>". The Colors box is in the bottom left as standard or press "Colors (F8)" in the upper right to show.

* Select the "Color Picker" tool; the shortcut for this is "K"

* Now right-click your mouse and then move the mouse over the image...the RGB values will dynamically update in the "Colors" box!


Super, thanks Paint.NET!

Note: Using paint.net 4.0.3 running on Windows 8.1.

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You also want to check the Sampling mode.  Image polls the composite image for the color, Layer polls just the active layer.

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