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Project Mascot

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I recently registered an open source project called NalaCAD on sourceforge. I have been working on some code with regards to it for some time and had an idea for a mascot that I had been putting of creating. Well after drawing the outline with InkScape and coloring it with Paint.NET, meet Nala. Critiques, suggestions, whatever. Thanks for a great tool. I love the gradients, as you can tell.


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Not bad.

I'm not a drawer nor CAD user nor archi.

I would just suggest you to use circle gradient instead square gradient for face and body (it creates some kind of cross : bad effect IMO).

Also perhaps place the pen and ruler on 'hands' (not under)...

The link for the name Nalacad isn't a direct link... Why should we use the search tool?

BTW I'm looking forward to test your soft...

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Thanks, Yeah, I will give circle gradient a try. I have a feeling this will go thru a lot of variations, but I just wanted to get something out there.

Oh, as for the direct link about the name. I initially tried to get it from wikipedia, but the wiki link kept diverting me. Weird.

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