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How do I make one colour visible?

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Hey there, 

I am sorry if I have placed this topic in the wrong section. I am new to the site and the software. 

My issue is, that I want a picture where only one colour is shown, -all others remain black and white. 

If it is done on the following picture:
then only the red things on the picture, shirts, some of the audience and the stribes will have a colour, red, while this others will be black and white. 

I hope you understand my question and know an answer.

Best regards 

- Frederik

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Hi Phirsty - welcome to the forum :D


We call this the Pleasantville Effect.  There is a tutorial: Click Here, and a plugin which automates the effect here: click Here


(Moved your thread to paint.net Discussion & Questions)

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1. Use Grim Color Reaper using red as your primary colour, adjust the tolerance anywhere from 0.90 to about 1.20 (1.20 will yield a less vibrant result). 

2. Use Ctrl+Shift+G to make the layer grayscale.

3. Add a layer behind it and use the fill bucket to make the new layer red.


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Just keep on keeping on. ✌

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