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Sqaure with a transparent inside.

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Im new to Paint.net, so I was messing around with it and I wanted to make something, so I got a square and I didn't know how to make the inside transparent, so I could only use the outlines and then I could put a pic inside the box or letters. Does anyone know how to do this? Thanks.

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Welcome to the forum iiJoeey :)


I assume you're using the brand new paint.net 4?  Good man!




Select the Magic Wand tool.   :MagicWandTool:


Click in the center of the square & press delete.  This removes the center pixels.  The gray and white checkerboard pattern denotes transparency.  This is normal.


Create a new layer :AddNewLayer: and move it below the one with the square on it.  Hint:  You'll need the layers Window and the :MoveLayerDown: icon.


Paste your new pic into the lower layer.  It should show through the square in the upper layer.



You'll find a wealth of information online if you press F1 in paint.net.

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