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Removing whitish outline of pre-rendered image

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Hello all,


I'm new to using Paint.NET and have only the slightest bit of understanding of Photoshop, so I'd appreciate any pointers you might have. I have some images that have white outlines on them with a black background and I'm trying to get rid of the white/off-white outlines. I downloaded AA's assistant and used it in conjunction with the Magic Wand (though I'm sure I'm probably doing it incorrectly), tried Feathering, manually replacing color, and various other ridiculous attempts that failed miserably. I would be very grateful for any help you can offer me.   


I'm including some examples of the images I am editing below. Sorry if they are a bit big.





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Thanks so much for your help!


I am experimenting with the plugin and I think I've (accidentally) made some progress using it, but not nearly as good as your results. My outlines are still pretty light. I don't think I'm understanding exactly what I'm doing with the plugin. Any further pointers you can give? Either way, you've been extremely helpful and I greatly appreciate it!


And yes, I did mean Paint.NET and edited first post ;)



Edit: Nevermind, all I did was add some gray halo outside the white halo, making it appear like it was darker ><

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For AA's Assistant to work you need the "brain" element on it's own layer (and not sharing it with the black background). Your setup should look a bit like this in the Layers Window


After running AA's Assistant three time @ defaults on the upper layer.


Brrraaaaiiiinnnnnnnnnssssssss! :lol:

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Nice job! That white halo is gone and the image looks much better for it. :star:

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