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Scripting with Postscript

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If you already installed Ghostscript to use it with the PostscriptImport.FileType plugin then you may also have a look to the PostscriptRenderer.Effect plugin.


As always copy the newest OptionBasedLibrary into the Pint.NET folder and the effect plugin in the Effects folder.


PostscriptRenderer.Effect v0.2.zip


Here a screenshot of the interface:




And of some built-in examples:




The x/y axes start bottom/left.

The default Postscript unit is point (72 points are 1 inch). In the future the plugin will allow to preset pixel, cm, or inch.

Remember postscript language is RPN (like Forth). So first type the operands and then the operation code.







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It seems to work flawlessly.  I was prompted to install GS - which I did, then it ran like a dream.


Completely baffled by the command syntax :(

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Completely baffled by the command syntax :(


Don't be frustrated. It would be a big surprize if someone could just write code in a programming language which uses reverse polish notation (Maybe users of the old HP calculators).


In the moment I'm just happy that it is working for others because it is a little bit tricky to get an effect running in the multi-threaded Paint.NET environment which posts back information to the dialog in the UI thread. And still it works w/o UI, means CTRL-F is possible.


Because I know that postscript is not a solution for 99.9% of the users one of the next steps will be to wrap postscript with something which is easier to use. Like Turtle graphics in the Logo programmimg language. (Maybe I should not mention Logo because it's a Lisp dialect ;-).


So the first tab of the dialog could be "Turtle Graphics"...

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