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Cut and reflect as in paint

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Hello guys,


how can I use these functions as in paint in paint.net?

So that does not cut it background.


And how can I turn something without even the whole plane to turn?


I have two images inserted, such as I mean it.




Thank you for your help! And sorry for my bad english.

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To avoid cutting the background, use Layers to place all the picture elements on different layers.  When you do this you can cut and move any layer independently of all the rest.


To rotate a piece of a layer, select it using the Rectangle Select tool :RectangleSelectTool: .  When the selection is made, activate the Move tool :MoveTool: by pressing M.  Move the mouse with the the right mouse button held down to rotate the selection.

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That feature in MS Paint is called Transparent Selection. If you want to do the same thing in Paint.NET, you will have to cut (CTRL+X) your selected/highlighted portion of the image, add a new layer (CTRL+Shift+N) and paste (CTRL+V) it there then follow what Ego Eram Reputo had suggested and that is to use the Move Tool to drag the selected portion across the image. You may also hold the right mouse button and drag it clockwise or counterclockwise to rotate the selected portion while using the Move Tool. You may flatten the layers (CTRL+Shift+F) once you're happy with the results. Good luck.

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Hello, thank you for the answers! I have testing now, and it's working with the transparent cut. With the move tool I don't understand this. I tried it and it does not exactly how in MS paint. I can draw with the mouse but not a exactly value.

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