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Misleading download add with possible virus

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hi ya'll


i just thought i let you know that there is an advertisement on your website masks itself to look like a download link




the link leads to a download called "zip opener" ... link to site


avast bitched because of a virus positive, so i downloaded your installer from chip.de. afterwards i revisited your site and realized the deception. i hope posted it in the right forum


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Unfortunately that's a pretty common problem.  Right now Rick is working hard on version 4.0 of the program, but we recommend that people use this link http://www.getpaint.net/download.html#download for now.  The other way certainly requires a bit of thinking.  :-)


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It's been noted frequently that some ads on the website are misleading.  Deliberately so.  See http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/27383-mypcbackupcom-and-downloadsnappycom-links-sleazy/


I recommend you install an Ad Blocker or use the link David posted.


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Wow!  Thanks so much for this info.  I think I had this issue way back when I first tired to load, but things are good so far, so guess all is well with me.  I sent the link to my daughter and friend when I found your site.  Not sure if they have tired to download anything.  I will send the link you have provided in hopes they haven't had issues..  I can't remember when it was I loaded your site, but it was confusing at the time.


Now, if I may ask... Are there ever 'updates' to Paint.net, and if so, should I follow the links you have here, or are updates automatic?


Thanks again for the information.   :) 

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Utilities Menu > Check For updates.  When the dialog opens the Options button gives you the ability to automatically scan for updates.

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