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How to move selected pixels horizontally (vertically)

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Using the arrow keys?

I don't really see what you mean, sorry.

aaah if you mean that shift block the mouse on the X or Y axis, you can't in PdN, sorry.

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True, you can do this in PdN with the Ctrl key. However, there is a bug present when using the Ctrl key. If you use the Ctrl before first moving the selected pixels, you'll see that the area selected is still present under the selection. Same thing happens when you try to resize (with nubs) a selected area while pressing the Ctrl key. To get around this bug, move the selected area with the arrow key first. Then use the Ctrl key along with the arrow keys. This bug has been present for quite some time. Since 2.61 I think.


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I can't seem to make the changes "stick". I can move the selection just fine... but... how do you "lock it in" ? Enter simply deselects the area, as does ESC, leaving the image exactly as it was in the first place. I've tried clicking on it, doubleclicking, selecting other "modes", just about everything I could think of and yet I can't make the change permanent. Is this a bug or am I missing something? The help file doesn't say anything about this.

Thank you

Yeah, I noticed that. If you need to move a selection exactly 10px or a multiple of 10 you can just use the arrow key to move the selection left and then back right and then use the CTRL key.
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