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ShadiSearch (Diagnostic)


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Needed this plugin to continue my research into why the icons I attempt to make for my MOW UI mod look all lame and stupid (like Qbasic fonts and graphics). Even when I use a feather plugin...they still look lame...


So, I created this plug-in to look at icons (specifically dingbats from the dafont "Green Army Men") to see what sort of values are being used to make THOSE cool looking.


PLUGIN NAME: ShadiSearch (v01)


01. Can cycle thru Value(Shade), Transparency(Alpha), OR Saturation levels.

02. Replaces each instance of that level with whatever color is set in to Primary in the Paint.net pallete.


Hopefully this helps me to learn how to make such icons better. For instance, so far i've noticed that these icons appear to take into account light source, skin reflectability, etc. Surprising how little of these types of icons are actually just 1 color.


*source code included

**Made with CodeLab



Here's version 2 adding "overdrive" functions (read below)...


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"....brings out the duty in my soul" -Spinal Tap

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Here's another version.

This one adds "Overdrive" features.


Transparency Overdrive:

01. Works the same, but doesn't erase highlight.

02. Looks for all Alpha values UNDER the slider number.


Saturation Overdrive:

01. You need to color pick a color in the picture and put that as SECONDARY COLOR.

02. Put highlight color as Primary.

03. Will look for colors that have same: Hue and Value

04. Looks for colors that have a saturation level UNDER slider value.


Value/Shade Overdrive

01. Same as Saturation Overdrive.

02. Looks for same: Hue and Saturation + Values UNDER slider value


Not sure if those last two are worth a flip, but what the hell?

No "reset" picture, but you can figure out how to do that by being creative.



"....brings out the duty in my soul" -Spinal Tap

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Please replace the zip in the first thread with the updated version. Users expect to find the plugin in the first post regardless of the versioning.


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