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flame/fire effect

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I have an image of a house I want to set on fire:


I want to blend the flame effect in a way so it appears that the house is on fire in a natural way. The flame plugin I used doesn't quite give the image a natural look:


Someone created a similar image and was able to achieve the effect I'm looking for. I've tried contacting him for awhile but still no response. It looks like he used a glow effect and put a flame on top with some smoke at the tips. I think he used Photoshop.


I'd like to know either how to set the whole house on fire, or create flames on the roof, and make it look natural. Any tips for how to accomplish? Thanks.

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Thanks for the tips guys. I used some spherical objects and smeared them around abit. Looks a little too smokey though.





Make about 5 layers. Just above the house put a smoke color you like. Above each other put some fire sections from a real fire image. You seem to be using blur a little heavily. Use smudge with a larger circle. Start to the side. Push towards the red/orange color and finish with an upwards stroke. This makes fire peaks. This is too hard with a small circle in smudge. Have each layer of the flames overlap. Blur and push around the smoke layer. It will be behind the other layers so you will need to move it farther. You may want to duplicate it and inset it between layer 3 or 4. This helps with depth. You can also just keep the smoke at the bottom layer and drop shadow each flame layer for depth using the color picker to match the smoke. Good luck.


Try this [/url]">fire.jpg


You can select with the wand and while holding cntrl a couple red orange areas to copy and then past on a layer. Flip rotate for each layer of flames.

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