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  1. If I have an image that's say, 500x500 px, and I add a new layer with a small image that's say 20x20 px, when I want to rotate or resize that small image, it takes up the whole 500x500 px to do this. How can I get it to rotate or resize just the 20x20 px?
  2. When using the text tool to type text, if you copy/past text, the drag nub disappears so you can't move the text anymore. I have to type everything in to keep the nub visible.
  3. Thanks all for the tips. @FuzzyHuggles, did you create those images for the tips? Looks like it should be part of a tutorial.
  4. For the first question, sometimes I want to select a specific section in the image like an eye, or a cube, or a soda can, and select just that object, (or just outside its boundaries). Lasso is a "free form" selection tool. As I move my hand around the selection, sometimes I accidentally select too far away from the object, sometimes I select too far into it, then I have to start all over again. I would like more control over this. For the second question, magic wand requires a series of clicks in specific places to get the selection you want. I want to hold down the left-mouse button, drag, and certain pixels are selected as the wand touches them, depending on flood mode and tolerance.
  5. 2 questions: 1. Is there a way to diagonally select with the lasso too (or rather, select in a straight line)? 2. Is there a way to "drag select" with the magic wand? Thanks.
  6. Thanks. I tried to use Feather with some success but your example looks even better.
  7. As you can see, I combined a colored image with an inverted image, but the edges where they meet appear jagged and pixelated. I tried using Smudge but it doesn't look smooth. Is there a way to put the two images together and blend at the edges so that it looks like a smooth and natural blend? Thanks.
  8. I have a rectangular image (image 1). I want to take the bottom section and "bend" it so it curves outward (image 2). Of all the tools I've tried, the Twist tool comes closest to accomplishing this (image 3). Is there is another tool that does this easier? Thanks.
  9. I can only use the gradient tool in one instance. After that, the first instance is removed and replaced with the new instance. How can I apply multiple instances of the gradient tool on the same image? Thanks.
  10. How can I resize an object bigger and still keep it at high quality. The resize tool makes the image look blurry. Thanks.
  11. I want to put a small image on top of a larger image, but blend it in a way so it looks natural. The main problem I'm having is that the edges of the smaller image is too pixelated so when placed on the larger image, it looks unnatural. My only fix for this is smudging the edges. Just wondering if there is a simpler way. As you can see the balloons were originally on a white background. After moving it to the blue background, there is still the white pixelation on the edges. I want to blend it into the blue. Thanks.
  12. I want to select a small section of an image (say for example, an eye on a person's face), and use the magic wand only within the selection. I don't want it to go beyond the selection, no matter how high the tolerance. How can I do this? Thanks.
  13. Thanks for the tips guys. I used some spherical objects and smeared them around abit. Looks a little too smokey though.
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