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large files being created after PaintDotNet_1398388592


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I have a peculiar problem with Paint.net which has been installed and running for quite some time.


Now I find that a program installer package called PaintDotNet_1398388592 is created in my Paint.net/staging folder on Aug. 31, 2013 having size 20,687 KB.


After this date, suddenly, my windows/system32 folder is adding around 92 MB (large amount) every day and my space is getting reduced alarmingly.


BY the way, I also found that in the windows/assembly folder, a NativeImages file was added on sept.9, 2013 with a huge size of 199 MB. Does this have anything to do with Paint.net?



Screenshot of paintdotnet 1398388592 dated aug. 31, 2013 in staging folder

Screenshot of files added to system32 folder after aug.31,2013

Screenshot of Assembly folder showing size of Nativeimages file created 9.9.2013



Thanks for help.


ps the addition of 92 MB every day in system32 is especially alarming




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I doubt this is anything to do with Paint.NET.


is adding around 92 MB (large amount) every day and my space is getting reduced alarmingly.


Seems suspiciously like virus activity to me.  What virus scanner are you using?

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i am using avira which is updated. tried scan with malwarebytes too.


can you enlighten me as to what is this which is shown as added on aug31 in my PC:

paintdotnet 1398388592 in the folder "Staging"


I do not remember having donwloaded it nor does it show in my browser history.


is that a genuine part of the software? is that an update or something? can someone from paint.net advise?


what does the folder "staging" mean?


Aren't the "nativeimgaes" connected with paint.net?


thanks for advice.

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AFAIK Staging is created during installation. I don't know that it is used otherwise.

Highly recommend you try another virus scanner. Microsoft Security Essentials (MSSE) is free and very good.

Where did you download Paint.NET? Have you installed any plugins from websites other than this forum?

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