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  1. I want to select a part of an image and paste it on the second layer with the main picture on the first layer. example: see pic i want to select the whole human body portion minus the surrounding white portion and the white portions between the arms and the body. is there an easy way to do this other than the cumbersome method of lasso select tool. thanks.
  2. thanks. i am using avira which is updated. tried scan with malwarebytes too. can you enlighten me as to what is this which is shown as added on aug31 in my PC: paintdotnet 1398388592 in the folder "Staging" I do not remember having donwloaded it nor does it show in my browser history. is that a genuine part of the software? is that an update or something? can someone from paint.net advise? what does the folder "staging" mean? Aren't the "nativeimgaes" connected with paint.net? thanks for advice.
  3. I have a peculiar problem with Paint.net which has been installed and running for quite some time. Now I find that a program installer package called PaintDotNet_1398388592 is created in my Paint.net/staging folder on Aug. 31, 2013 having size 20,687 KB. After this date, suddenly, my windows/system32 folder is adding around 92 MB (large amount) every day and my space is getting reduced alarmingly. BY the way, I also found that in the windows/assembly folder, a NativeImages file was added on sept.9, 2013 with a huge size of 199 MB. Does this have anything to do with Paint.net? A
  4. thanks and i understand. but what i need is to see all the plugins available and to automatically detect the ones which are missing so i can determine whether any of the missing ones are worth installing. thanks
  5. thanks no racism involved here. in fact i want to change all the faces by lasso-paste but my question was for a general guidance about how to change skin color. all faces i use will be asian faces so the body skin (arms, neck) has to match. i just gave example of one face. see rough example attached
  6. I would like to change skin color in a picture, without disturbing the detail/features of the face. for example, see attached picture. i would like to change the dark skin face at left to a lighter color skin, something like the other persons. what are the steps i need to take with Paint.net to achieve this? thanks for guidance.
  7. There are many plug-ins which are being developed all the time for Paint.net. While Paint.net forum lists various plug-ins, it becomes difficult to know which plug-ins are installed and which ones are missing. It would be nice if someone can develop an application to check all installed plug-ins by comparing with updated available plug-in lists and show a list of the missing ones. Thanks
  8. I am trying to fix some text material onto an image which requires slanting to match the angle of the main image. I have done the following: 1. original image 2. add layer 3. copy the text material from another image and paste 4. position the image with the tool "move selected pixels" when i try to match the angle of the original image with that of the text material, the edges become jagged and are not smooth as the original. How do i achieve smooth edges with the text material. can anyone please guide me. thanks very much attachments: tap1.jpg tap2.jpg
  9. I would like to edit a facial picture in such a way that it appears older i.e. with hair turned grey, wrinkles etc. Example image is attached. Which are the tools in paint.net that should be used? thanks
  10. I am trying to create a diffused gradually shaded area in an image. the attached pic. suggests what i am trying. can anyone please advise me what tools to use in paint.net to achieve this? thanks. PS I need a simple solution, need not be very professional grade. thanks.
  11. thanks a lot. i will struggle first and then inform you if i cannot make it.
  12. I am trying to create a Club Badge or Crest on paint.net. (please see examples) shall appreciate guidance on the following: 1. Which tools to use for creating the basic shield shape outline? 2. How do i make the ribbon shape e.g.blaby bowling club 3. How do i write the curved lettering e.g. Nil satis 4. Is there any way that i can give a metallic effect like a police badge either to the whole badge or only the letters? 5. What about a fabric effect? I realize that I have put several questions but hope someone will kindly give advice. thanks.
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