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Can center the edges of an image?

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I'm creating a sprite-sheet and therefore need to be able to focus on certain parts of the image, at a time.


This however, is proving surprisingly difficult as I can't figure out if there is any way to pan my view of the image so that any part of its edges is centralized on my screen. Is there any way to do this or are there any relevant plugins available?

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To pan manually, use the Pan Tool :PanTool: or hold down the spacebar and drag the image (works with almost any tool).

In order to pan using this tool the image must be zoomed in so it is larger than the editing window.

Tip: It is not possible to pan past the edges of the image. You might need to paste your sprite onto a larger canvas to work around this limitation.

You know there are a couple of awesome sprite sheet plugins?

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Look in the Plugin Index. There's a link in my signature.

From memory one is called Animation Helper and the other Sprite Sheet Animator. There is also one for exporting sprite sheets (Sprite Sheet Export or similar).

Edit: ninja'd :(

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