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Fatal 1603 on installation Every Time

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I'm trying to install Paint.Net version 3.5.10 on my computer. Each time I get a fatal 1603 error.

I've tried everything here: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/18931-fatal-installation-error-1603-fix/

And I've also tried creating a seperate x86 and x64 msi, and when running the x64 (my system is Win 8 x64) I get an error that reads:

"A network error occurred while attempting to read from file: [directory to .msi]"

as well as

"The installer has encountered an unexpected error installing this package. This may indicate a problem with this package. The error code is:" and I receive either/both 2502 & 2503.


A little bit of back-story: I had Paint.NET installed previously and it worked fine up until about a week ago when I couldn't get it to open by any means, so I tried to uninstall it. I got the same two error codes in relation to the uninstall package for PN. So after not being able to uninstall it via Add/Remove Programs, I just deleted all the files and all traces of it in RegEdit. Hope this helps point towards a solution. I also tried two additional fixes I read of, first of which was to rename mscoree.dll in \windows\system32 to mscoreebak.dll and attempt to install, secondly I tried creating a 'Logging' string in regedit with the value warmupvoice. I have tried to repair the net framework and uninstall it but it's not doable on Win 8, you can clean up everything but Net Framework 4, and you can't install any new or old versions of Net framework. Tried running a disk clean up before installing (although in the temp files, there's nothing in the folder 'PdnSetup'). I've tried exploring the temp files. I've tried running the install in various compatibility modes. Two things I've read but not tried:
Running ComboFix

Running install in Safe Mode


Will wait to hear back before proceeding.

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Excellent news!  Thanks for posting the link.

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