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Draw Enso circle

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Starting with a blank canvas 800 x 600:


1.  Create new layer


2. Cast a rectangular selection the full width of the canvas and approx 90pixels high.  Roughly center it vertically.


3. Drag out a linear gradient within the selection.  Dark side on the right, light on the left.


4. Effects > Render > Clouds over the selection with settings  51 | 0.5 | Color Burn.


5. Blur the selection using Motion Blur with settings 0 and distance =50.


6. Run Black and Alpha+ over the selection (removes the white - possible to skip this step).


7. Deselect.


8. Run Polar Transformation over the whole layer.  Settings: Check lower radio button | x=-0.18 | y=0.03 (to get it circular) | Angle 120 (rotates it into correct orientation) | Size = 1.3


9. New Layer.


10 Draw a filled circle in Black just wider than the body of the circle.


11.  Position this circle over the dark tail of the large circle.


12. Merger down.


13. Using the ellipse select tool, select just the new blob and a a bit of the connection larger circle.


14. Effects > Noise > Median.  Settings R=10 | % = 50.


15. Deselect.




16.  Run AA's Assistant over the layer with Soften Edges checked | Sharpness 1.27 (adjusts length of tail) | Gamma = 1.12 (contrast) | Offset 0.46 (more contrast adjustment).


It's perhaps a little 'cleaner' than the original, but this will give you lots to try and settings to play with.  


Image to follow....



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Tweaked the above image a little with Dents.  You might try roughening up the edges a bit before the Polar Transformation step.



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