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File won't open

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Was working on a large collage yesterday - 16inches x 48 inches at 300dpi


File size is 128MB

Running Windows 8 with 8GB RAM


Was working fine last night but when I when I try to open it today the green loading bar goes to the top and the layer names appear but the image never shows up and it appears to be using most of my memory.


Is there any kind of utility I can run to lower the dpi or something so I can open it. I have about 8 hrs into it so hopefully my work is not lost.


Any help appreciated.

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Means 276MB per layer plus composite.


Changing dpi setting has no impact on the amount of pixels.


So if the pdn does not load and nobody provides a direct solution you may try to use pnd2png to create the composite or to split the pdn into layers.

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From this thread: http://forums.getpaint.net/index.php?/topic/8606-out-of-memory-to-loadedit-an-image-read-this-first/


So, to compute the memory requirements for an image, the following formula can be used:

(W x H x 4) x (L + 2)


W = 48 x 300 = 14400

H = 16 x 300 = 4800


W x H x 4 = 276 480 000


Times three for a single layered image.  Times 12 for 10 layers and so on....


Kill all other processes then open the image and leave Paint.NET to run.  If the image is undamaged it might just load.  Eventually.  


Midora's suggestion is a good one.  The only other option I can think of is to whack in another 8Gb of ram.

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