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Progressive darkening tool

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Did the searching for this question and didn't see it exactly addressed (though I did find some installs that may have the feature and look interesting).


I'm looking to take a certain part of an image (a small shape of it) and then apply darkening, progressively, from that small area.  That is, the image gets darker and darker as it radiates out from that shape. Like a vignette, but progressively darkening from the point rather than a strait darkness.


Tried playing around with curves and didn't really do this effect.


Thank you to any and all who can help!



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Hi glasslobster - welcome to the forum!


This is how I do a black vignette (there are plugins - but the gradient tool will do the job perfectly)


1. Open your image


2. Expand the Colors Window.  Set the Primary color to White with a transparent value of zero.  Make the Secondary Color Black.


3. Create a new layer :AddNewLayer:


4. Activate the Gradient tool :GradientTool:  Choose the Radial option :RadialGradient: from the Tool Bar.


5. Click on the starting point (i.e the clearest part of the image) and drag outwards.


The result is a black vignette whose centre point and size you can configure.



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Thank you much for the welcome and the help :)


Though could you take that vingette and make the darkness progressive from the focus area out to the edge so you can see the entire image, but most is blackened out?  Let me link my images.  The original and the vignette version.


See how most of the image is black in the vignette?  What I was looking to do is start a little darker from the dragon's face and then become darker and darker from that point, but keep the background visible.


Thank you again!











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Drag your gradient control nub right off the canvas (it will still work just like normal).  This is how you expand or contract the vignette.


Shifting the starting point control nub is how you shift the vignette focus. 


TIP:  Once the gradient is committed to the canvas, it is not able to be shifted via the control nubs.

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Ahh, now it's clicking.  And then I can keep adding layers to add varying degrees of darkness and opacity and simpy control it that way.  Here's a better version of what I was thinking:




Will work on it a bit, and thank you both.  I'm not the best at this but I easily got your help!



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