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I want to Twist, Squeeze, and Swirl. Any plug? Other? Help.

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I used to upload my pics to PhotoBucket because they used to (past tense) have an art modify that did this; with the mouse select it would squiggle, twist, and or blur a small portion of a picture, the spot where you clicked your mouse down.  Click mouse once and that spot on picture would twist. Click mouse again and it would twist some more.  Each time it got more blurry because it was being stretched.  You had choice between different types of twists; left to right, right to left.  And there was a squeeze and a swirl also which also you could choose which direction.  One would squeeze in the middle of mouse selection.  Other would inflate middle and squeeze edges.  NOT THE ENTIRE PICTURE.  Just the spot where you were pointing your mouse at.  But it affected the whole pic so cut, paste, AND SELECT would not work for this; ie: no work edges left behind (that means it would have to be a Tool not just an Effect).  You could also pick between small, medium, or large mouse pointer area of application.  I think the effects were called Twist and Squeeze and Swirl, not sure.  But I really miss them and PhotoBucket got rid of them when they "upgraded" (downgrade in my opinion).


Has anyone made anything like that for Paint.NET?  Baring that, has anyone encounter it in any other program anywhere???  Plz help.  Thx!


Here is a pic I swirled long ago.  Note the center photo around the white goddess where my swirling stands out the most:




PS:  I have permissions by the game FW to use their wallpapers for game promotion.  

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Yes, there is a plugin called Twist by Pyrochild that can do what you are asking for.  Here is a little example, which is a bit messy, as I did in haste.  Good luck.




How I made Jennifer & Halle in Paint.net

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pyrochild's liquify plugin does all three


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