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Ads on main page = malware

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Hey Rick,


I tried emailing but those emails went unanswered. Can you please put a little more effort into blocking these ads on your site? I understand advertising is your sole revenue source here but serving up malware isn't the way to go.








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You have to use the proper download on the page.  Please view this thread on this subject.

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Rafael, I got your e-mail and I did act on it. When someone starts shouting on twitter about how "disgusting" I am (pyro, your response on twitter was also not appropriate), it does not exactly make me inclined to respond to them. When you e-mail me at home AND work, with Scott Hanselman on the CC line, and then jump onto the forum, etc., it kind of starts feeling like harassment. I know you're just trying to do the right thing in your own way, but please also understand that you're making me uncomfortable.


I honestly recommend you take this up with Google AdSense instead of trying to make me into a pariah (or rather than "take it up with", maybe "start shouting about"?). There is clearly someone asleep at the wheel over there (or it's intentional, who knows).


In any case, this isn't a conversation I want to broadcast publicly so I'm going to close this thread.

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