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auto filling on paist, no idea how to stop it.

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ok, so one of the things i do for my GF is take her drawings and creat a didital version by using paint.net to trace over them, my normal methord is to


select all on the image, copy it.

start a new canvas (gives me the exact size of the scanned in version.)

put a second transparant layer on each canvas (so i can simply trace over without editing the old image, also allows me to save mid way and come back later.)

if i do not finish straight away i save, close down and come back in a bit. load both the old image and the new one, and copy the trace on to the old one to see where i am.


my problem is, for some reasion Paint.Net now auto fills a background when i try to paist a trace image with a transparant background. so now i can't see were i'm up to. i even closed paint.net down to see if it was a bug.


loaded it up started two canvases, with a second transparent layer, drew a cercle in it, copied it. paisted it and the second image's layer 2 filled.




right i have tested further, seprate user account, effect dosn't happen copying a transparentlayer with black lines, works fine.

same account effect dosn't happen copying a transparentlayer with black lines, works fine.

open the image file and the edit file, it copies the transparent layer with lines then fills them in. no idea why it dose this.

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Actually I think that is a .pdn  I have never had any luck trying to save an image with a transparent background in other file types. Perhaps it was because I didn't set the secondary color to transparent first though before opening it,never checked.



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what do you mean by screen shot, as in upload the images or ctrl+V


Open PDN to the step(s) where you can see the problem - then on your computer hit Ctrl & Alt & PrintScr all together.  Close PDN.  Go back into PDN and hit Paste.  You may have to choose enlarge canvas and then use Rectangle Select and crop selection to see the image more clearly.  Then save the file and you can then upload the result on this site for us to see what is happening.


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