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want the old paint brush one the "smudge by pyrochild"

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i need some help i cant find the old brush back  

thare are 2 smudge  effects the one by the 'tools' and one by the the Distort


now i got the one from the Distort furst and i realy like it but after some time i got the one frome tools and the one from  Distort is delete  


oke so the one frome Distort  has has 2 standard brushes the soft brush and the other i ame looking for thate makes this





so i reinstal the one from Distort  and delete the one from Tools but now i don't have anny smudge  effeckt ? 


so pls help me  thx :)


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Since you got your plugins from another source, it is highly likely that they are outdated versions of the other plugins. In fact, the one in the distort menu is an outdated version of the tools menu smudge.*

To get the brush, simply make a new image (about 500x500 should do), delete the white background, and run the "random shape fill" plugin* by pyrochild at these settings:


Then, save the image as a .png file. That is your brush

To add the brush to the smudge plugin, open up the smudge window, click on the dropdown list in the top left corner and click "add/remove brushes." Move your brush into the folder that opens up.

Voila! You have a brush.

*Both the Smudge plugin and the Random Shape Fill plugin can be downloaded here

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