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  1. hello i need some help i cant find the old brush back thare are 2 smudge effects the one by the 'tools' and one by the the Distort now i got the one from the Distort furst and i realy like it but after some time i got the one frome tools and the one from Distort is delete oke so the one frome Distort has has 2 standard brushes the soft brush and the other i ame looking for thate makes this so i reinstal the one from Distort and delete the one from Tools but now i don't have anny smudge effeckt ? so pls help me thx <links to software pirates removed>
  2. hallo do some one know how i can make tis good ? some tut or something like i anly think to the effkt "BULGE" but that don't wurk >_> and maybe also i wanna know how i can make the body color a few tints darker thx
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