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Hello kanipton, welcome :)

Paint.NET is an image editor. There is no facility to embed HTML in an image. Paint.NET can be used to create your frame, but you need different software to do the rest.

What you actually need is an HTML editor. I'm sure this is the type of program you've seen. Try Google and I'm sure you will be given a multitude to choose from.

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Thank you for the quick response Ego Eram Reputo. I thought this might be the case as after many google searches I was coming up empty.

I can tell you, there are other options such as photoshop that will allow you to do this. Perhaps it would be a good project for someone brighter than me when it comes to modifications for paint.net :)


I have been using Paint.Net for about 6 months now, and I found creating photos is quite fun and have learned a great deal!

This input was very helpful though. Are you able to recommend any free HTML editors that could help me with this project?

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You can't embed HTML in an image. What the other software packages are doing is something else entirely.

Personally I use PSPad, though Notepad+ has many fans.

Forum Admin BoltBait has one for free download on his website: http://www.boltbait.com/htmleditor/

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