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How to insert Image in layer

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I added a layer, then theres no way to add any picture in new layer. If I import from file, it makes a new background .layer. But I want to make a new layer as forground and insert picture in it.

Hi tanvirtonu1

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when you use "Import from file" it places the image in a "new" layer as the top layer (most forground layer) , and just add the text ":background" to it

which you can rename using the layer properties.

If you already have a new layer you can do as Noswad said :-)


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The new layer name is an amalgam of the imported File name and the name of the layer the image contains.

If you have a file named Teddy.PDN and it has a single layer named 'Bear' the new layer name would be 'Teddy : Bear'.

If the imported file does not support layering, the default name of 'Background' is applied to the imported layer. Hence the layer is called something like "Filename : Background"

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