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How to -Text in a shape

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Your best bet is to write the characters to individual layers using the text tool :TextTool: , then resize each layer individually until the character fits.

First create new layers for each character. These should be otherwise transparent and created above the shape/carrot layer using the Add New Layer icon :AddNewLayer: One layer for each character in "CARROT" = 6 new layers.

Pick a suitable font from the Tool Bar once the text tool is active & make the text large enough to closely fill the height of the shape. Type exactly one character to each layer, in order, to spell the word "Carrot". Hint: click on the layer name in the Layers Window to activate it so it is ready to receive the next character.

When done with the text tool, select the first layer again and hit M key to activate the Move tool :MoveTool:

Drag one of the eight the little square control nubs to resize the character layer until it fits your shape. Note that you can use the right mouse button to rotate the layer too.

Resize and reposition each character individually to fill the shape.

Save the image as a *.PDN to preserve the layer structure. Then use File | Save As... to save it in the final image format (e.g. PNG or JPG). Flatten as required.

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Using the liquify plugin may help you to stretch the characters to fit a contour.

EDIT (Provide link and additional comments):

You should be able to download it from here: http://forums.getpai...showtopic=20688

I believe if you use a silhoutte (with text on a separate layer above it) and using the magic wand select the the silhouette image, then with the area still selected, move to the text layer and use the liquify plugin, you can reshape the characters. The selection should provide a boundary so that the reshaping of the characters don't extend out beyond the borders of the selection.


Using the technique outlined above I created these (my example is bad because I couldn't fit the "E" into the tail section properly):



Despite my incomplete example, it does illustrate the process.

If you decide to try this process I'd like to point out that when you are using the liquify plugin after selecting the bottom layer, the text does go out beyond the selected boundary, but when you complete the liquifying of the characters and return back to the main canvas, you will not see that which had extended out beyond the boundary.

You will also note that each character was on it's own layer (Layers 2-5).

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